Die as a Soldier

Why do they have to make our job so difficult? All I ask for is for the confederate free the slaves. No,they want to go through war. They wan to kill so many soldiers to die for one simple cause.I have an idea.The Emancipation Proclamation. This document shall let all the slaves free. Okay on January 1st comes This is the day the slaves will be free. So the president just told his speech. Now the South are saying that only goes for the slaves that are already free in the North.

So now guess he have to go to plan B. Make a large army and go to war, put Ulysses Grant in charge of army to go against the East. Confederate mommanfer army Robert Edward Lee. The war was starting, we statrted winning battles after battles, then we killed the general Thomas Jonathan Stonewell Jackson. Now we are starting to make some progress as Lee invasion in the North stated to get weaker. My army beat them so badly Lee barely made it back to Virginia.

We started to take over in the South, then our union's Navy had captured the port of New Orleans and Ulysses took over the Mississippi by winning the battle in Vicksburg. Wow I said to myself Ulysses and lee had been going through war but were managing to keep on taking over. the more we keep fighting the more soldiers were dying to keep on creating new weapons.

As the war continues. Lee's army almost had us against the wall,using his dirty tactics, but I still had confidence in them. Still Ulysses and his army managed to come out victorious, after winning the battle Lee was forced to retreat his trenches around the capital.

We are making progress now,in no time the slaves shall be free. The union military division, their leader William Tecumseh are going to take over Atlanta, Georgia, by going through sea. Going a hundred miles swath in Georgia. It succeeded.

Three years have already went by and we are winning the battles still the confederacy will not free the slaves. I guess this was has to come to an end. Through out all the battles Grant and lee have been through this one was probably the most difficult for us. In the wildness is Spotsylvaia and cold harbor we the union had suffered a though lose. Enen though they had won they couldn't take it anymore.

Finally the confederacy had finally surrendered on April 26, 1865. Johnson had surrendered in Ournam North Carolina. Then Lee had surrendered is army at the Appomattad court house. Finnaly the last surrendered the C.S.S shenandohon November 4,1865. in Liverpool England.

After the war was over, I decided, to go celebrate at the Ford theatre up in the balcony. All of a sudden there was a gun pointed at my Head, POW! there he was our president was on the ground covered in blood.

The War

Who Really won the Civil War? Really nobody won the war. Even though the south had won the battle, the north won the war. The south had let the slaves free, they were still tying to treat them as if they still own them.

One of the main reasons why the south had released the slaves was beacause of the Abraham Lincoln. When he was elected president, he had promised he would release all the slaves. Until the south had decided to make their own nation The Confederate States of America. Then Lincoln had decided to create to create Emancipation Proclamtion. On January 1, but was only affective on the slaves that were already free.

By 1862 thats when the had started, both sides started to creating large armies, as the army, as the war began the more deadly it had become more soldiers were being killed both sides kept using new weapons and old battle field tactics.

As the war was started to heat up. In the East Confederate commander Robert Edward Lee was in charge of the army in Northern Virginia. He had number of victories during the battle against the army of potomac but his general Thomas Johnathan Stonewell Jacksonwas killed during the battle of Chancellosville. During Lee's invasion in the north was starting to come to an end. At the battle in Gettyburg, Pennsylvania. Lee barely made it back to Virginia.

During the battle that Ulysses Grant and Robert Lee has had, were all bloody and dangerous and a lot of soldiers were dead. Even though Lee's dirty tactics had Ulysses against the wall Ulysses still managed to lead his army victorious and lee was force to retreat his trenches around his capitol.

After William Tecumseh Sherman, the leader of the union military were on there way in taking over Atlanta, Georgia they had to travle through sea had did a 100 mile swath on Georgia. Then the Confederacy was starting to get weaker.

During the begging of 1864 this is when the war was coming to an end. Through all the wars that Grant and lee had this was probaly was the most dangerous, while fighting iin Spotslyvania in cold Harbor, resulted to a union loss. After that they stil felt as if they lost and finally they surrender. On April 9, 1865 lee had surrendr at Appomattox court house. After lee surrender on April 26, 1865 Johnston had surrender his troops in Durham, North Carolina. Then finally the moment the north was waiting for the C.S.S Shenandoah on November 4, 1865 in Liverpool, England.

As a result over 600,000 soldiers died, over 400,000 barely survived. Cause of Abraham Lincoln, reconstruction slavery was abolished.

Reasons of the War

The Confederate: the reason why the south made the confederate was beacuse of the promise that president Lincoln had made when he was elected president.He had promised he would let all the slaves free, but the south would'nt let that happend so they made their own nation. Which was led by Jefferson Davis.

Abraham Lincoln: He was the 16 president of the united sates. One of the main reson why he was elected president because he had said " i will free all the slaves. He had help the United States deafeat the Confederacy. Then later on during his run as president he was assasinated.

Emancipation Proclamation: The Emancipation Proclamation was an document that president Lincoln had create, but was'nt really successful. It was only good for the African Americans in the North, the slaves that had escape.

Civil War

The reason why i chose this topic who really won the civil war is because nobody really won that war. Now still in our society we still havee racism. Even though the south won the war, still let the slaves free, still they were trying to figure other ways to torture them. After they were free they had to find jobs or not they will be thrown in jail, they couldnt run away. That's just not fair.